Match Abandoned at Somerset Park

Last updated : 28 April 2002 By
The last match of the season paired Ayr United and Airdrie, already in the hands of the administrators for two years.  Ayr owner Bill Barr's company are also the major creditors at Airdrie.  An Airdrie fans protest group had been promising trouble at the match.

About 600 fans Airdrie fans were in the ground with around 200 out in the open and around 400 in the covered shed. They were noisy for most of the game. Robert Kean scored for Ayr in 18 minutes when he hooked the ball into the net at the Railway end.  Around 60 Airdrie casuals on the other open terrace beside the stand came on and made for the Ayr fans at the dividing fence.  The Police lined up across the halfway line as the mob behind the nets spilled on .As  the Police walked forward the Airdrie fans backed of but as they moved over the wall back into the terrace they took the nets down and broke the crossbar.  Around 50 police and stewards watched this from no more than 10 yards away.  At least 5 arrests were made.

Players and officials left the field then the ref came on and looked at the goals before calling the game off.  Ayr fans were given vouchers for any re-scheduled match as they left but the Airdrie troublemakers were kept in.   

Reports say that there were Leeds, Nottingham Forrest and England tops in the Airdrie crowd and union jacks, typical of Rangers fans. 

So what happens now?

The league will have to review the situation but, as Airdrie's players contracts finished at midnight on Saturday, there is little possibility of Airdrie completing the fixture.  The other view is that the match must be replayed in fairness to the other teams in the league. Monies are paid in relation to league position and if Airdrie cannot fulfil their fixtures then their games this season are null and void meaning that there would have to be an alteration in league positions and the certainty that Airdrie would be relegated to the second division.  Financially that would be the last straw for them and obl;ivion would almost certainly stare them in the face.

 After the disgusting behaviour of their fans on Saturday, and in previous matches some may say, GOOD RIDDENCE!