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Having taken two days to travel to Norway, been met by the local football club members and an Aberdonian business man, wined and dined and then taken on a sightseeing tour, United finally stepped out at the Bislet Stadium at 7.30 pm on 22nd May 1928 for their first ever tour match against Gjoa.

It was United's Jimmy Smith who had made the pre-match headlines with the local newspapers referring to him as the British Champion due to his record number of goals that season. Despite playing on an ash covered pitch Jimmy let no-one down scoring in Ayr's 2-1 victory with Nisbett bagging the other in front of 7,000 people.

United moved to Sweden and three days after their historic win over the Sewdish national side they were back to play Goya on 27th May 1928. The result was an even more emphatic 4-0 win for the Honestmen

No programme was produced for either match.